10 Tips for hiring the best freelancer for Upwork

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November 14, 2019
12 Tips for Hiring the Best Freelancer for Upwork
February 13, 2020
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10 Tips for hiring the best freelancer for Upwork

10 Tips for hiring the best freelancer for Upwork

There are a lot of ways to check the abilities of freelancers before hiring them for a project. Here we will share some key points for hiring the best freelancer.

1.     Choose a category which best describes your project

When you will start the process of hiring a freelancer, make sure that you are well known about the category of your project. Because of knowledge of the category, you will be able to find a more relevant freelancer. If you want to do the best Shopify product research you should select the e-commerce category for searching a freelancer.

2.     Be sure about your budget

It is very important for someone to be clear about the budget. Because being clear about the budget will help him to hire an affordable freelancer. If someone selects a top-rated seller and he does not afford the price. In this case, it will not work between the buyer and seller. For example, you want a job of best e-commerce product research and you do not know what should be your budget. You can check on Upwork and Fiverr that how much freelancers charge about this niche mostly. It will give you an idea of how much budget you should set.

3.     Ask for work samples of the freelancer

Check the work samples provided by the freelancer. If you want to hire him as a virtual assistant, ask him to show the previous tasks managed by him or her as the best virtual assistant for SEO services.

4.     You must analyze the seller’s rating and reviews

Before starting communication about your work with the freelancer you must visit his profile. Comments of buyers and ratings about communication and work will give you an idea about the capacity of freelancers. Sometimes it’s better to check their profile rather than getting irritated afterward.

5.     Make the freelancer clear about the critical points of your project

It is good for both to clear the things completely before starting work. If you will not share the complete requirements at starts then your trial of hiring the best freelancer for Upwork will go wrong. Your project will demand revisions.

6.     If you have a long term project then get a piece of work as a sample related to your project

Before rushing to place an order it is good to get samples from your selected freelancer. If you will ask them to provide samples it will enhance their understandings of your project also. They will be clearer about it. As a result, you will also be aware of the freelancer’s skill level. For example, you have a project for e-commerce. You want to.

7.     Do periodic communication with your freelancer about project

For a long term project, a buyer should do periodic communication with his freelancer. In this way, the buyer will be aware of his project completion. He can also check the contents. On the other side, the freelancer will also be attentive about the work.

8.     Do a proper conversation about the time needed for completion

Sometimes freelancers just focus on your budget and they want to get your order. But never do this by believing the words of freelancers. Always do a proper conversation about each and everything that is critical for you. Never rush to place an order. Always check how much time he needs for completing your task. How much money he will require? Then compare everything according to his profiles’ reviews.

9.     Assign your task in batches

If you have a quite big project then you must divide your work into batches. This technique will be beneficial to you. After analyzing the first batch of your tasks you can decide easily whether you want to assign him/her more work or not. It will also be good for you if you want to hire him for long-term projects.

10.     You can compare different freelancers for your project

Before hiring the best virtual assistant for e-commerce you can check the skill level of different freelancers and then decide. For example, you have a project about e-commerce. You want to hire the best virtual assistant for an e-commerce store. You can select two different freelancers and ask them to complete two different tasks for you. One will perform research about best e-store management services and another freelancer will do the best e-commerce product research. You can decide by their work templates that whom you will hire for long term projects.


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