12 Tips for Hiring the Best Freelancer for Upwork

10 Tips for hiring the best freelancer for Upwork
10 Tips for hiring the best freelancer for Upwork
December 24, 2019
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12 Tips for Hiring the Best Freelancer for Upwork

12 Tips for hiring the best freelancer for Upwork

Hiring a freelancer from a platform such as Upwork is much easier as compared to other platforms. There are more than 12 million registered professional freelancers who are always ready to accept the project and complete it as per the deadline.

But hiring the best freelancer from Upwork is not always as easy as it seems. There is a pool of freelancers who are ready to work on your project but are they reliable and professional enough? So here we are going to discuss the most essential 12 tips for hiring the most phenomenal freelancer from Upwork.


Map out the Work You Require to be Completed

Always map out what work you have and why it is necessary to complete it. Have a scope of your work and work accordingly. For instance, you wish to develop a new e-commerce platform for your products and services. Once you have identified what work you have, it is time to answer another question.


Consider Reason why You Desire to Hire a Freelancer

It is crucial to evaluate why you believe you need a freelancer to complete the job? If you believe only a professional freelancer can develop your e-commerce store with the exact requirements only then consider to hire the best e-commerce virtual assistance. Try to be sure about your requirements always.


Write a Stellar Job Post

Freelancers pick projects themselves if it is interesting and up to their expertise. Always write a job description that is appealing and engaging. It must include a link to your business profile and if you have some specific requirements than the link to those requirements as well.


Search for Top Rated Badge Freelancers

At Upwork, the online portfolio and candidate profiles are more like digital resumes and have Top Rated Badge on it. Search for the best virtual assistant for an e-commerce store through this filter.


Evaluate a Profile through Job Success Rate

Through the job success rate, you can evaluate the success of the bidders’ previous projects. It indicates previous clients’ feedback, work satisfaction score, and repeated hires. Use this to filter out potential candidates.

Consider a Rising Talent Badge Candidate as well

Sometimes you can hire new talents as well. Upwork algorithms indicate high-potential talents who are new to the platform. Rising Talent Badge holders can prove themselves as the best virtual assistant for SEO services.


Freelancers in Different Timezones can Give Advantage

Someone working on your project when you are sleeping can ultimately boost your work productivity. Different timezones can give advantage to your business where when you are offline the freelancer will work and when he would be offline you can give feedback.


Use Specific Screening Questions

Once you have considered a few profiles for your project, start screening them with some specific questions. You can evaluate their written English skills and competency. Ask their views about your business mission, through this you can evaluate how much the bidder is serious about this project.


Don’t forget You Get what You Pay For

Never settle down for cheap bidders. If you are hiring someone only because they have the cheapest bid, be ready to face the worst work you can ever imagine.


Interview Top Candidates

Use an Upwork platform or Skype or a video conference tool to interview the potential candidates for your project. Through interviews, you can know your bidders more and be sure who can provide the best virtual customer service for Amazon/eBay/Walmart/Shopify, etc.


Paid Test Projects for Top Three Finalists

Give a test project to your top three finalists to be completely sure either they can handle the complete project or not. Either they are capable of best e-commerce product research and ensure the best e-store management services or not.


Make Terms and Work on Contract

Once you have found the perfect virtual assistant or a freelancer, make some terms with them regarding your project. Finalize the deal with a contract to clear out every rule and regulation.



Through these tips, you can hire the best freelancer from the platform of Upwork and get someone who can ensure the best Shopify product research and manage your business project effectively and efficiently.

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